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The Outdoor Furniture Repair Process

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Here at The Southern Company, we use a state of the art repair process to restore your outdoor furniture to showroom condition. Our restoration technicians have extensive experience repairing all the most well-known brands and most common types of damage. And we use the highest quality materials for every one of our repairs, whether it’s a sling that needs replacing, a chair that needs restrapping or relacing, or a frame that needs refinishing. You can count on The Southern Company to repair your patio furniture right. Featured Furniture Brands We Repair Current top of the line brands such as Brown Jordan and Tropitone aren’t the only ones we repair. Carter Grandle may have gone out of business back in 2006,… Read more

Can I Leave My Patio Furniture Out All Winter?

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When you think of the winter, you likely aren’t thinking of the season when your patio furniture gets the most use — at least not here in the Northeast. However, despite your patio furniture not getting much use in the winter, this is also the time of year when it can become the most damaged if not winterized properly. Many furniture materials aren’t meant to go through the freezing and thawing that comes along with winter, and this can leave them severely damaged when spring rolls around. Further, snow and wind can be damaging forces as well. Winterizing Patio Furniture To ensure your patio furniture remains in peak condition over the winter months, winterizing should be your priority. This typically… Read more

Use the Winter to Repair Your Patio Furniture

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Are you using your patio furniture during the winter months? Perhaps you still sit outside around a fire with family and friends on some of the nicer days, but chances are for most of the winter your patio furniture goes unused. You may have it all packed away in storage until the spring comes around, or it may even stay outside and weather the elements. But what if there was another option which took advantage of this downtime? Winter is the perfect time to repair and refurbish your old or worn patio furniture. After all, you’re not using it anyway. Repair Broken, Old, or Worn Furniture Did you know that repairing broken, old, or worn furniture costs less than replacing… Read more

When is the Best Time to Buy Patio Furniture?

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Patio furniture is expensive. And for this reason, you should always wait until it’s on sale before making a purchase. But when is the best time to buy patio furniture? Is there a single best time of the year? That’s what we’re going to be answering for you today. August to October is the Best Time to Buy Patio Furniture Fall is the best time of year for purchasing new patio furniture. Technically August is still the Summer, but you get the point. From August to October is when you’ll typically find the best deals on patio furniture because stores will begin to put it on sale as the temperatures cool down. However, if you wait all the way until… Read more

6 Ways to Create Shade for your Patio

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Outdoor entertaining is a fun pastime for many in the warm months, but sometimes the sun itself can be a major hindrance. Glare, excessive heat, and even sunburns can result when there is not enough shade available around your outdoor entertaining areas. But just because temperatures have gone up does not mean you have to stay inside with your air conditioner. Here are 6 different ways to add shade to your patio that not only make it more comfortable, but make it even more attractive. Pavilions and Gazebos If you are looking for a free-standing shade structure for your outdoor entertaining needs, pavilions and gazebos are ideal. Pavilions, unlike gazebos, are always square and rectangular and have open sides. Gazebos… Read more

7 Key Benefits of Using Sling Patio Furniture

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There are so many options on the market when it comes to outdoor furniture, and one of the most popular options is sling patio furniture. Not only is sling outdoor furniture aesthetically pleasing and fashionable, but it has seven key benefits that no homeowner should overlook when planning their outdoor space. Water Passes Through the Fabric One of the benefits of sling patio furniture lies in the fact that the fabric used for the sling is water permeable. That means no long-standing puddles of water on your patio furniture, which can leave behind a slimy biofilm and discoloration. It also means that you do not need to worry about encountering soggy outdoor furniture, either — and that cannot be said… Read more

Outdoor Furniture Trends for 2019

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The sun is out, and summer is in full swing! Now is a great time to think about updating the look of your outdoor furniture. Perhaps you’ve been spending more time outside and noticed your furniture looks a little dated, or perhaps you’ve realized that your color scheme might be glaringly out of fashion. Never fear! We’ve compiled some of the most popular outdoor furniture trends in case your outdoor look is ready for a fresh new look. Indoor Decorating Comes Outside to Play One of the major trends for 2019 is decorating your outdoor space the same way you do your indoor space. For many, the living space outdoors is seen as a continuation of the living space indoors,… Read more

Wrought Iron Furniture is Still in Style

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It’s 2019, wrought iron patio furniture is still in style, and it will continue to be in style for years and decades to come. But what is it about wrought iron furniture that stands the test of time? It’s visually appealing, comfortable, and built to last. Classic for a Reason It’s not easy to for anything to be considered a “classic,” but as far as patio furniture is concerned, wrought iron is the definitive classic. It’s a style that has been around for hundreds of years, and it isn’t going anywhere soon. The main reason for this is because wrought iron furniture fits into just about every patio setting you can imagine. There are ornate designs which blend well into… Read more

Protecting Your Outdoor Furniture

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One of the biggest threats to your outdoor furniture is harsh weather, whether it’s the icy cold temperatures of winter or the violent winds of a summer storm. If you want your furniture to last as long as possible and retain its beauty at the same time, then there are some measures you need to take to protect it. Weatherproofing your Patio Set One way that you can protect your outdoor furniture from the elements is through weatherproofing. Modern coating techniques such as powder coating provide an excellent base for aluminum and cast-iron furniture to resist the ravages of weather and rust. A protective layer of automobile wax (applied after thorough cleaning and drying, of course) will also help protect… Read more

Dos and Don’ts of Cleaning Outdoor Furniture

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Outdoor furniture is built for the abuse it takes all spring and summer, but it does need some TLC to keep it looking its best and increase its longevity. An important part of cleaning outdoor furniture is removing dirt, dust, and stains that accumulate, along with keeping metal free of rust and oxidation. Wicker collects dust and dirt in the weave, slings accumulate oils and sunscreen, and glass tabletops trap debris in the grooves and show water stains. Fortunately, there are some cleaning techniques that when applied regularly will restore the beauty of your furniture and keep it in commission for years to come. Cleaning Iron and Aluminum Furniture One of the problems with aluminum furniture is its tendency to… Read more