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Christine Abella, Flushing, NY

Thank You so much for the beautiful job you did on my old Brown Jordan chairs, they look like NEW. I have NEVER had such great pick up and delivery service. Your company makes my life easier. Thanks again.

– Christine Abella, Flushing, NY

Why Patio Furniture Repair Should Be Left To Professionals

brown jordan patio chair repair

In today’s world, many, many people fancy themselves as do-it-yourselfers. They like to roll up their sleeves, and get their hands dirty fixing various things around the house, taking on new projects, or giving something a fresh, updated look. Yet every once in a while a new DIY project might leave you feeling like you bit off more than you could chew. Patio furniture repair is a project that seems simple, but is much more involved. You can potentially repaint a patio table or restrap a chair, but how long will those repairs actually last? The last thing you want is to spend all that time and effort for the furniture to turn out in worse shape than when the… Read more

P.S. Lakeville, CT

The quality of your work, the professionalism manifested throughout conversations and dealings with you on the telephone, are and were beyond reproach. Frankly I can’t remember ever getting greater pleasure in sending a check to anyone, at any time for anything.

– P.S. Lakeville, CT

What Materials to Choose When Buying Used Patio Furniture

Refurbish Patio Furniture

When it’s time for you to buy patio furniture, you have several decisions you need to make prior to making any purchases. Among the chief decisions you need to make is the type of material you’d prefer your patio furniture to be constructed from. You also need to decide if you want to buy your furniture new or used. And, if you do buy used, do you want to refurbish patio furniture? Before we jump into what benefits you get when you refurbish patio furniture, we’ll talk about a couple different materials you can choose from. Wrought Iron If you’re looking for outdoor furniture that is going to be placed in a formal or classic setting, then wrought iron is… Read more

How to Properly Prepare Your Yard for Autumn

Prepare Outdoor Furniture for Autumn

Now is a great time to start preparing your yard for the cooler autumn months, while the weather is still tolerable and the light still trying to stretch itself into the evening. Odds are, your outdoor pool or patio furniture took a beating this summer. Give your furniture a bit of TLC after long days in the sun, heat, and rain. Clean and repair patio furniture, including chairs, tables, umbrellas and even your patio and deck. Remove all that pollen and dirt that they collected over the summer, and repair any damages that may have occurred. Landscaping Before the leaves start to fall all over your yard, do some late summer landscaping projects. What type of landscaping you choose to… Read more

Turn An Outdoor Space Into An Al Fresco Dining Experience

Warmer temperatures? Skip the usual meal inside and head out for the open air. If you have access to an outdoor space, transform it into a haven for all to enjoy. After all, eating outside provides an ambiance that is irresistible – and for most, the opportunity doesn’t last all year, so it’s best to explore your outdoor dining options while you can. Some are apprehensive about eating outside because their backyard is drab to say the least. When money is tight, you don’t need to sacrifice your options – instead there are many affordable ways to transform your yard, patio, or deck into your own little restaurant paradise. Vamp up your dining area. The key to a good dining… Read more

Avoiding Backyard Pests In The Summer Time

One of the more undesirable signals of the summer season is the bugs, pests, and insects that come with it. Summer pests can bring more than just irritating buzzing; they can bring bites that later have the possibility to turn into illnesses, if left untreated. Maybe you spend hours lounging on your patio furniture soaking up the rays. You might spend time planting and maintaining your garden. Regardless, sharing your patio furniture, fruits, and vegetables with harmful bugs can be more than just an annoyance; it can be very harmful. Here are some great hints on how to avoid backyard pests in the summertime. Stay away from ticks. Small in size, these bugs are big in harm. Ticks can burrow… Read more

15 Ways To Prep Your Backyard For A Summer Party

Appreciate the summer temperatures while you still can – host a backyard summer party for all of your friends and family to enjoy. There are many simple and affordable ways you can transform your backyard into the ultimate haven for hosting parties. Add plants. Regardless of how your backyard is landscaped, a little TLC couldn’thurt. Adorn your property with potted or hanging plants in varying sizes and color to spruce it up a bit. Shine up your walkway. After harsh weather, your walkway or driveway may look a little worse for wear. When you’re having guests over, and you want to make sure your property looks its best, try weeding the paths or repairing spots that are worn down or… Read more

How To Create A Private Outdoor Space

There’s nothing better than the warmth of the summer sun shining down over you. If you’re like most, you want to be able to enjoy the outdoors conveniently at your own home. However, while some people have a backyard, they may not have the amount of privacy they desire. Lucky for you, there are many great ways for you to create privacy on your porch or patio. Here’s how you can create a haven with your available outdoor patio space. Create a plant wall. Hang plants and grasses in plant frames – you’ll gain texture, as well as color, and be able to enjoy the benefits of the plants. Add a garden gate. By using a garden gate, you can… Read more