How it Works – Patio and Pool Furniture Refinishing

The Southern Company is the expert in bringing new life to old patio and pool furniture. In the past 30 years, we’ve helped thousands of homeowners extend the life of their furniture and save money by restoring instead of replacing.

Refinishing your patio furniture may include some of the following processes:

  • Sling Replacement Each sling is cut with accuracy to ensure a perfect fit. We double stitch and double hem each one with Goretex Tenara thread. Tenara does not mold or dry rot which means your custom-made sling will last for many years. It’s the most durable thread on the market. It completely resists harmful elements like UV sun and acid rain. Even bleach, cleaning chemicals and suntan lotion won’t cause it to rot.
  • Strap Replacement The original style and size vinyl straps are applied by hand by an experienced professional. Some lines have individual straps with 1 ½” or 2” vinyl strapping. Others, such as Brown Jordan and Tropitone, utilize a continuous weave of 5/8” or 1” lacing.  This type of work is performed by an artisan in a “hotroom”. Only a handful of people in this country still know how to properly do this work. We do it every day.
  • Powdercoating Powder coating is a combination of resins and additives that are melted, mixed, cooled, and ground into a powder that is the consistency of talcum powder. It’s electrostatically applied then baked in an oven to full cure. This durable finish can be hit with a hammer and it won’t damage it.
  • Sandblasting Extra care is taken to remove the existing finish but not damage the metal. A special type of sand made of aluminum oxide media is used during the sand blasting process. This process prepares the frames for powdercoating by removing all of the old paint, rust, corrosion and contaminants.
  • Wrought Iron Repainting A two-step paint process is used when painting wrought iron to ensure a long lasting finish. After sandblasting, the frames are preheated in an oven then primed with a special zinc rich powder primer. Each piece is preheated a second time before applying the final finish color.
  • Welding and Frame Repair Before painting, all pieces of furniture are inspected for deterioration, broken welds, cracks or structural problems, including, seized bolts, cracks, and wobbly or weak swivel mechanisms. Any existing problems will be addressed before the painting process. Welding of aluminum, iron and steel are our specialties.