Knoll Patio Furniture Repair

Knoll crafts modern patio furniture with contemporary designs to create inviting and intriguing outdoor spaces. They have been making minimalist and unique pieces since the 1930’s and continue to lead the industry with their innovative creations. They combine beauty and architecture to provide aesthetically pleasing function.

Knoll’s philosophy that “Modern Always® because modern always works” is reflected in their forward-thinking furniture and has driven them to help homeowners furnish their patios with stylish and timeless pieces.

Knoll has a variety of collections for outdoor furniture that includes dining & lounge chairs, and dining, side, & end tables, such as the 1966 Collection by Richard Schultz. All of their pieces are made to be durable and long-lasting by utilizing high-quality materials like pure vinyl, stainless steel, and cast aluminum. Knoll’s outdoor creations are investments that require protection and maintenance to ensure they can be a part of your space for as long as possible.

Even well-made furniture is susceptible to wear and tear. The following are all factors that contribute to declining appearance of Knoll patio furniture:

  • UV sunlight
  • Heat and cold
  • Mold and mildew
  • Acid rain
  • Cleaning chemicals
  • Sunscreen
  • Minor spills

All these elements lead to aging, but we can provide a cost-effective way to keep your outdoor space beautiful without replacing your furniture.

Our restoration process begins with close inspection of the cast-aluminum frame for damages like broken or loose welds, structural issues, racks, and weak or wobbly swivel mechanisms. If the finish is declining in appearance, we will restore it with the following process:

  • Sandblasting frames to strip the original finish, paint, rust, and build-up. This step removes the current finish and paint without causing damage.
  • Applying a new finish of your choice. We have a selection of over 25 different colors.
  • Creating a high-quality powder coat with resins and additives that are melted and ground into a fine powder.
  • Electrostatically applying the powder to the frame and curing it in an oven at a high temperature creating a gorgeous, durable finish.

If your patio furniture slings have suffered damage like rips, tears, stains, or fading, we will replace them. We offer a selection of replacement slings in over 125 colors and fabrics. After selecting your replacement, we carefully custom cut a new sling ensuring a perfect fit.

Each sling is expertly double-hemmed and double-stitched with the most durable thread on the market, Gore™ Tenara™ Sewing Thread. The thread does not dry, rot, or mold and resists UV sunlight, cleaning chemicals, acid rain, and bleach. Our technicians, who have a combined 75 years of experience in patio furniture restoration, will methodically replace the old, worn sling with the replacement sling, which will last for many more years to come.