Woodard Outdoor Furniture Repair

Woodard’s outdoor furniture is among the finest quality available. They construct beautiful frames using the highest grade and most resilient aluminum ingots. The result is a combination of fashion and durability.

While the frames are built to last generations, weather elements and normal wear and tear can cause the fabrics to fade, discolor, and weaken. Even with proper care and cleaning, even top brands such as Woodard eventually need some tender loving care to keep them looking like new.

We can extend the life of your investment for years by replacing the straps and refinishing the frames. We refurbish only what’s necessary. Often-times simply replacing the fabric can give your furniture the update it needs so you can continue to enjoy it.

Each sling is cut with precision by an experienced craftsman. We double stitch and double hem the slings with Goretex Tenara thread. Tenara thread is the most resilient thread on the market. It is completely unaffected by UV sunlight, acid rain, snow and salt.

If your frames need updating we will:

  • Sandblast the metal frames to remove the old paint and prep them for powdercoating.
  • Electrostatically apply the powdercoating finish
  • Cure each piece in a 400 degree oven

The Southern Company is an authorized warranty representative and our quality is unsurpassed. We’ve been returning Woodard outdoor furniture to show room new for more than 25 years. We guarantee your satisfaction; every piece of furniture that leaves our warehouse is 100 percent guaranteed.

You can select from over 25 different colors of vinyl and there are over 125 replacement sling fabrics and colors available.

Free samples are available; just give us a call at 1-800-622-1901 or 215–659–8929

Refinishing patio furniture is an affordable and green alternative to replacing an entire set.

Don’t Replace, recycle.