Wrought Iron Furniture Refinishing

A fresh powder-coating can work wonders for updating wrought iron furniture that is showing signs of age. Wrought iron furniture can become pitted and rusty after years of being exposed to the elements. Harsh Mid-Atlantic winters can make it challenging to keep your furniture looking like new.

Even if your wrought iron furniture isn’t pitted or rusty, you may want to consider adding a personal touch with a new color of paint. Older styles can be updated to look contemporary without investing in new furniture.

Refinishing wrought iron furniture is easier for a do-it-yourselfer than other types of outdoor furniture that may require new slings or strap replacement, but putting the work in the hands of a professional has benefits.

Benefits of Professional Wrought Iron Furniture Refinishing

  • Controlled Environment Our warehouse is designed specifically for refinishing outdoor furniture. We don’t have to worry about waiting for the perfect outdoor temperature and weather conditions to tackle the job. Our 44,000 square foot warehouse has plenty of room. There’s no need for you to find the right open area, lay down drop cloths, or take precautions in case the overspray is caught by the wind or if the paint drips.
  • Complete Paint Removal It’s nearly impossible to remove all of the old paint with an ordinary sander or wire brush. Our state-of-the-art sandblasting equipment and processes ensure that all of the old paint is removed. This guarantees a beautiful finish and eliminates the risk of uneven bumps and bubbles that can occur if there is residue left behind.
  • Long Lasting Results Wrought iron furniture is powder primed and then powder top coated; two coats of this durable paint restore the luster of your furniture and ensure long lasting results. Powder paint is applied electrostatically and can be 3 to 4 times more durable than a wet or spray coat paint finish. To ensure durability individual pieces of furniture are baked in a 400 degree oven to cure in the final step of the refinishing process.

We have a convenient weekly pick-up and delivery schedule that spans from Connecticut to Virginia and makes it easy to have your wrought iron furniture refurbished.

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