Donald and Karen Polakoff, Princeton, NJ

I am writing to thank you so much for the incredible work that you do. Two years ago you transformed our 18 years old patio set into what looked like it had just left the showroom!! Now two years later, when a tree fell on one of the chaise lounges, you came back, repaired it, and the set is still complete! Rarely do you find a company that provides such incredible customer service, as well as perfect workmanship! I would recommend your company to anyone who wants a reference.

– Donald and Karen Polakoff, Princeton, NJ

Maxine Horvath, Hackensack, NJ

I was delighted when I saw the finished product. You removed the old paint and applied the new so beautifully that the cast aluminum furniture looked brand new. I purchased this Molla furniture about 38 years ago. It has been outdoors and exposed to the elements the entire time. I repainted it two or three times during that period but never sanded down the chipped areas. Thank you for giving the chairs new feet, the lounge new wheels, and the whole set a new life. It is sure to outlast me.

– Maxine Horvath, Hackensack, NJ

DC Bernardsville, NJ

This note will reinforce what I have told your people during the whole process of refurbishing our Brown Jordan furniture. You are unique in a business that so often disappoints. Your company did a super job every step of the way – from pick up thru the return delivery, not to mention the like new appearance of the redone pieces at a fraction of the new furniture cost. I hope you will be around for a long time.

– DC Bernardsville, NJ

Marsha Levin, Rockville, MD

You did a beautiful job on my furniture. BETTER THAN NEW! Thanks so much for such a pleasant business experience. I have told and will continue to tell others about fabulous service.

– Marsha Levin, Rockville, MD

Martin Lipson, Potomac, MD

The quality of your company’s work is, to say the least, impressive. The furniture was returned on Wednesday, June 12 and it looks as if it came directly from an outdoor furniture showroom! In what passes for renovation work these days, it is rare to see this superior level of craftsmanship. My wife and I have no hesitations in recommending our company to anyone in need of this type of restoration vis a vis outdoor furniture.

– Martin Lipson, Potomac, MD

Doris Blank, Rye, NY

First off, and most important, I wish to commend you for the quality of the work you did to refurbish my deck furniture. It was done in a highly professional way and looks great! (If you’d like me to be listed for people to call for a recommendation, or if you’d like me to write a blurb for future advertisements, please let me know)

– Doris Blank, Rye, NY

Diane Meehan, Stamford, CT

Thank you for restoring a patio table and chairs that hold many memories since “1961” We can’t thank you enough for the outstanding work. We would be more than glad to speak to any potential customer.

– Diane Meehan, Stamford, CT

Richard Warren, Larchmont, NY

I want to thank you for exceeding all my expectations and providing a timely and quality service. The two Woodard chaises, which were probably close to 20 years old, look like new. Just a terrific paint job and reslinging. My only regret is that it took me so many years to find out about The Southern company. In a period where lack of pride in construction and service is becoming the rule, you folks are a glaring exception. Thank You.

– Richard Warren, Larchmont, NY

James Peters, Simsbury, CT

What a pleasant surprise to see our newly refurbished chairs on our patio the other day. The new straps make them look better than new. We have invested a lot in our grouping of Brown Jordan chairs and tables. It is such a pleasure to see these, the oldest of our collection, brought back to new life. Thanks very much for what you do.

– James Peters, Simsbury, CT