Lawn Furniture Repair and Maintenance

A Guide to Storing Outdoor Furniture During Cold Weather

storing oudoor furniture during cold weather

As another sunny and warm summer comes to a close, the task of packing up our outdoor furniture arrives yet again. The barbecues, pool parties, and family dinners on the patio were great while they lasted, but now it’s time to prepare ourselves, and our furniture, for the cold months ahead. Storing outdoor furniture during cold weather is simple, but it’s imperative that you do it correctly. Our guide will help you with this annual chore so your furniture will be in good shape for next year. The Importance of Properly Storing Outdoor Furniture During Cold Weather Your patio furniture is an investment that should be carefully maintained. It’s quite simple to take routine care of your furniture, but if… Read more

How To Winterize Your Patio And Patio Furniture

Stacking patio furniture when storing for winter

It’s that time of year again…the leaves are drifting from the trees and the sun has started to lose its daytime warmth. Snow has even started falling in some areas. Winter is on the way. It’s a job nobody wants to do, but every fall the time comes to clean up the patio and sort out the patio furniture to then store it for winter. Quality patio furniture will last for many years if kept in good condition, so a little bit of time spent now will mean that you will be able to unpack it next year at the first hint of good weather, without finding yourself in the middle of a large maintenance job just to enjoy it… Read more

How To Maintain Your Patio Furniture

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It’s a sad fact that most of us pay very little attention to our outdoors furniture until it has fallen into disrepair, then it becomes a problem because it costs us money to repair or replace. With busy lives it’s often too easy to overlook something which just sits outside. And an awful lot of us don’t even bother to store our patio furniture properly during the winter either. How many of us have looked out into our garden to see our garden furniture and barbecue covered in snow and thought “I should have stored them in the shed.” We tend to buy patio furniture at a price that reflects our spending power. So no matter what your income, your… Read more

How to Properly Prepare Your Yard for Autumn

Prepare Outdoor Furniture for Autumn

Now is a great time to start preparing your yard for the cooler autumn months, while the weather is still tolerable and the light still trying to stretch itself into the evening. Odds are, your outdoor pool or patio furniture took a beating this summer. Give your furniture a bit of TLC after long days in the sun, heat, and rain. Clean and repair patio furniture, including chairs, tables, umbrellas and even your patio and deck. Remove all that pollen and dirt that they collected over the summer, and repair any damages that may have occurred. Landscaping Before the leaves start to fall all over your yard, do some late summer landscaping projects. What type of landscaping you choose to… Read more

Turn An Outdoor Space Into An Al Fresco Dining Experience

Warmer temperatures? Skip the usual meal inside and head out for the open air. If you have access to an outdoor space, transform it into a haven for all to enjoy. After all, eating outside provides an ambiance that is irresistible – and for most, the opportunity doesn’t last all year, so it’s best to explore your outdoor dining options while you can. Some are apprehensive about eating outside because their backyard is drab to say the least. When money is tight, you don’t need to sacrifice your options – instead there are many affordable ways to transform your yard, patio, or deck into your own little restaurant paradise. Vamp up your dining area. The key to a good dining… Read more

Why Choose Powder Coating Over Other Paint Techniques

lawn chair repair powder coating

The Durability of Powder Coating in Lawn Chair Repair When your lawn furniture isn’t looking its best and you need lawn chair repair, it’s important to research the various paint techniques available. There are significant advantages to utilizing powder coating as opposed to other paint techniques for your lawn chair repair. Although lawn furniture is meant for the outdoors, Mother Nature affects everything it comes into contact with over time. By selecting a cheaper finish, you are exposing your furniture to wear from the elements at a faster rate. Powder coating has several advantages over other methods. When a powder coated finish is applied in lawn chair repair, it provides your outdoor furniture with a finish that’s resistant to corrosion,… Read more

Tropitone Sling Pool Furniture Repair

sling chair fabric replacement & restoration

Does your Tropitone sling pool furniture require a repair? At the Southern Company, we’re your go-to experts for commercial and residential Tropitone sling pool furniture repair. We’re confident in our ability to transform your weather worn and damaged outdoor furniture into nearly-new condition. After all, Tropitone furniture is an investment, so if a strap or a sling can be fixed with a repair, why not extend the life of your furniture? When you purchased your Tropitone pool furniture, you more than likely purchased it with the intentions of longevity in mind – after all, this is well-crafted outdoor furniture designed for years of use. Nothing is more enjoyable than sitting outside on a lovely spring or summer afternoon on a… Read more

How to Extend the Life of Lawn Furniture

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Purchasing lawn furniture is an investment if you go with something high-end. However, high-end patio furniture is designed to last you and your family for generations, if properly cared for. By following a few simple maintenance tips to care for your lawn furniture, you will be able to prolong lawn furniture repair. Aluminum patio furniture was designed with ease of care and flexibility in mind. When it comes to maintaining this material, there is not much work involved. Primarily, the way to keep your aluminum patio furniture at its best is by frequently cleaning it. By preventing dirt build up you can avoid potential corrosion. First and foremost, follow the care instructions provided by the manufacturer for its frames, strapping,… Read more