How to Extend the Life of Lawn Furniture

Purchasing lawn furniture is an investment if you go with something high-end. However, high-end patio furniture is designed to last you and your family for generations, if properly cared for. By following a few simple maintenance tips to care for your lawn furniture, you will be able to prolong lawn furniture repair.

Aluminum patio furniture was designed with ease of care and flexibility in mind. When it comes to maintaining this material, there is not much work involved. Primarily, the way to keep your aluminum patio furniture at its best is by frequently cleaning it. By preventing dirt build up you can avoid potential corrosion.

First and foremost, follow the care instructions provided by the manufacturer for its frames, strapping, or fabric.

Water Pressure
Many people will use power washers to clean their outdoor furniture in hopes that the pressure will remove hard-to-budge dirt and debris. Often times, power washers are set too high and end up destroying the furniture within a year. Instead, use a garden hose on the “rain” setting—or, if you must use a power washer, be sure it’s set to the lowest position.

Cleaning Products
The best option to clean outdoor furniture is with a mild dish soap and soft bristle brush. Heavy-duty or bleach-based solvents are abrasive and can severely damage outdoor furniture sets if used incorrectly. Use bleach only if absolutely necessary, and cut it with a lot of water. Always rinse off furniture after using any cleaning product, and wipe dry if you have time.

Removing Scuff Marks
On the chance your aluminum patio furniture has a scuff, you should be able to easily remove it – however, it’s imperative to preserve the existing finish prior to doing so. Use a non-abrasive cleaning agent that will work to remove the scuff without causing any damage to its finish.

Wrought Iron Furniture Care
You can clean and wax wrought iron furniture as you would a car—nothing too abrasive or strong. The most important thing is to touch up any area o n the metal substrate that is scuffed or chipped. Wrought iron will rust; it can get under the existing paint and cause severe chipping. The Southern Company suggests visiting a home improvement store and purchasing a 2 oz. sample of paint from their vast selection to match your furniture. It only costs a few dollars.

No matter what type of patio furniture adorns your home or business, some light maintenance goes a long way in extending its life. Avoid replacing your patio set and make the most use out of it for years to come. Should more serious repair be necessary, a professional outdoor furniture restoration company can offer you expert assistance.