Turn An Outdoor Space Into An Al Fresco Dining Experience

Warmer temperatures? Skip the usual meal inside and head out for the open air. If you have access to an outdoor space, transform it into a haven for all to enjoy. After all, eating outside provides an ambiance that is irresistible – and for most, the opportunity doesn’t last all year, so it’s best to explore your outdoor dining options while you can.

Some are apprehensive about eating outside because their backyard is drab to say the least. When money is tight, you don’t need to sacrifice your options – instead there are many affordable ways to transform your yard, patio, or deck into your own little restaurant paradise.

  • Vamp up your dining area. The key to a good dining area is quality-dining furniture that’s comfortable for everyone. Make the most from old outdoor furniture you already have by contacting a lawn furniture repair company to fix it, or look online to see if you can find some discounted furniture that only requires a bit of TLC. By contacting a lawn furniture repair company, you’ll end up with great furniture at a fraction of the cost.
  • Create a canopy. The heat bearing down directly from the sun can deter some people from heading outside. A canopy offers a form of escape from the heat. Best of all, creating a canopy doesn’t have to be expensive. Simply gather any old fabric from around the house such as a sheet or a tablecloth and drape them from pole tops. Your canopy will look great and cost much less than what the stores have to offer.
  • Add accessories. Now it’s time to show your personality! Accessories will create the additional flare to make your outdoor dining spot both unique and comfortable. Using complimentary fabric swatches from your canopy, you can create table runners, tablecloths, or even napkins to accent the outdoor décor. Pick up new dining wares, too – a combination of new and thrift shop finds adds charm.
  • Create a makeshift patio. Don’t want to set up your backyard dining area directly in the grass? Quickly and easily solve that problem by laying out stones, granite slates, or even sand.
  • Add light. Nighttime brings with it a totally romantic, cozy atmosphere. Pick up some strands of outdoor lights or citronella candles to keep the bugs away. You can even decorate the outside of the candle to match patio decor.

So there you have it – creating your own backyard oasis to enjoy a meal al fresco isn’t hard at all. In fact, it’s simple and affordable if you reuse items you already have.