Refinish Patio Furniture

Use the Winter to Repair Your Patio Furniture

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Are you using your patio furniture during the winter months? Perhaps you still sit outside around a fire with family and friends on some of the nicer days, but chances are for most of the winter your patio furniture goes unused. You may have it all packed away in storage until the spring comes around, or it may even stay outside and weather the elements. But what if there was another option which took advantage of this downtime? Winter is the perfect time to repair and refurbish your old or worn patio furniture. After all, you’re not using it anyway. Repair Broken, Old, or Worn Furniture Did you know that repairing broken, old, or worn furniture costs less than replacing… Read more

Avoiding Backyard Pests In The Summer Time

One of the more undesirable signals of the summer season is the bugs, pests, and insects that come with it. Summer pests can bring more than just irritating buzzing; they can bring bites that later have the possibility to turn into illnesses, if left untreated. Maybe you spend hours lounging on your patio furniture soaking up the rays. You might spend time planting and maintaining your garden. Regardless, sharing your patio furniture, fruits, and vegetables with harmful bugs can be more than just an annoyance; it can be very harmful. Here are some great hints on how to avoid backyard pests in the summertime. Stay away from ticks. Small in size, these bugs are big in harm. Ticks can burrow… Read more

Refinish Patio Furniture to Help Save the Environment

Professional Tropitone Patio Furniture Repair

Go green! In today’s day and age, being eco-friendly is becoming more and more important to many people, as well as businesses. Many are looking for different ways they can be green, such as recycling whenever possible, using more eco-friendly products, and looking for ways to re-use or recycle items instead of throwing them away and buying new. One such area that allows folks to be eco-friendly is choosing to refinish patio furniture. How does choosing to refinish patio furniture allow you to be eco-friendly and do your part in conserving the environment? Let’s take a look. Reduces Resources for Production Let’s face facts: manufacturing furniture consumes a number of resources, including energy used to run the plant and machinery,… Read more