Avoiding Backyard Pests In The Summer Time

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One of the more undesirable signals of the summer season is the bugs, pests, and insects that come with it. Summer pests can bring more than just irritating buzzing; they can bring bites that later have the possibility to turn into illnesses, if left untreated.

Maybe you spend hours lounging on your patio furniture soaking up the rays. You might spend time planting and maintaining your garden. Regardless, sharing your patio furniture, fruits, and vegetables with harmful bugs can be more than just an annoyance; it can be very harmful. Here are some great hints on how to avoid backyard pests in the summertime.

  • Stay away from ticks. Small in size, these bugs are big in harm. Ticks can burrow into furniture; especially furniture with straps and in-between fabric. If you have older furniture, it may be a good idea to contact a company that specializes in patio furniture. Just by replacing the straps, you can reduce your chance of finding ticks in your furniture. When entering your home, do a complete tick check to ensure that there are no ticks on your person – or your animal! If you do locate a tick on your body, make sure to remove it promptly with tweezers and contact a doctor. Ticks cannot be killed from stepping on them; be sure to either flush or burn them.
  • The nightmare of a bee sting. Bees want flowers. In summer, they are everywhere. Avoid using fragrances or perfumes, and stay away from wearing brightly colored clothing as bees may think you resemble a flower. Be sure to wear shoes when possible, as stepping on a bee results in stings. If you get stung, be sure to wash the sting thoroughly and remove the stinger.
  • Keep your distance from mosquitoes. More than just the itchy bites, mosquitoes hosts to diseases. Keep them out of your yard by removing anything that collects lingering water, as this can be home to many mosquitoes. If you are outside, make sure you wear a mosquito repellent that uses DEET.

Despite the pests that could be lingering in your backyard, enjoy your summer. By taking precautions, you’ll be able to lessen the chances you come in counter with these pests. If on the chance you do come in contact with any of these pests, just be cognizant of the repercussions and seek medical attention if needed.