Wrought Iron Furniture is Still in Style

It’s 2019, wrought iron patio furniture is still in style, and it will continue to be in style for years and decades to come. But what is it about wrought iron furniture that stands the test of time? It’s visually appealing, comfortable, and built to last.

Classic for a Reason

It’s not easy to for anything to be considered a “classic,” but as far as patio furniture is concerned, wrought iron is the definitive classic. It’s a style that has been around for hundreds of years, and it isn’t going anywhere soon. The main reason for this is because wrought iron furniture fits into just about every patio setting you can imagine.

Wrought iron chair

There are ornate designs which blend well into more traditional patio/garden settings, but also sleek, simple designs which compliment even the most modern patio compositions. There’s a wrought iron patio furniture set for every occasion, and the best part is that they can be mixed and matched seamlessly. Even if their designs aren’t all the same, the colors and materials used will bring the set together.

Wrought iron furniture will also mesh with whatever other patio decor you own, or plan to own. Mixed material layouts are in, and wrought iron is a staple due to its versatility. You can either create entire mixed material layouts including chairs, couches, and tables made from completely different materials, or combine materials within individual pieces of furniture. Wrought iron chairs and couches can be paired with upholstery while tables can be topped with glass, wood, marble, and more.

Color and Comfort

When thinking of wrought iron patio furniture, you may picture rigid, uncomfortable, black or white furniture, but this doesn’t have to be the case. Modern wrought iron furniture not only comes in a variety of ergonomic designs, but a variety of colored finishes too. There are so many different styles of wrought iron patio furniture, and they’re so customizable, that finding that perfect balance between form and function is easier than ever.

Black wrought iron chair

And, if you like the look of metal chairs and couches, but not the feeling of sitting on them, upholstery cushions are the perfect answer. Not only do cushions increase the comfort value of your wrought iron furniture, but they can add a splash of color to your patio if you opt for the more traditional black or white furniture finishes. Adding cushions with matching accent colors is also an excellent way to tie together mixed material patio layouts.

Unrivaled Durability

One of the best things about wrought iron furniture is its durability, which makes it among the longest-lasting patio furniture. And the longer your patio furniture lasts, the more money you save in the long run. The durability of this type of furniture can be attributed to the fact that it’s weatherproof, lifeproof, and easy to restore.

While protecting your patio furniture from inclement weather either by moving it indoors or using protective furniture covers is a great idea regardless of what material it’s made of, wrought iron furniture isn’t afraid of a little rain or wind. The colored finish of the furniture not only protects it from rust, but other wear and tear caused by the elements as well. Wrought iron is also heavy enough not to get blown across your yard by wind, yet light enough to be easily rearranged unlike some larger, wooden furniture.

But weather isn’t the only thing that puts strain on your patio furniture, the act of using it regularly does too. Luckily wrought iron furniture is sturdy enough to handle just about anything life throws at it. It won’t easily bend or break due to weight like plastic furniture can, and while being knocked over might chip the finish, your furniture will be free from major damage.

wrought iron furniture repair

However, damage to your furniture will inevitably occur at some point, so it’s important to know what you can do to minimize the amount of damage it will do to your wallet. Wrought iron furniture is surprisingly easy to take care of. The most common thing you have to worry about are chips or scratches in the finish which could allow rust to occur. Fortunately rust can be prevented simply by touching up anywhere the paint has come off before it begins to set in. It’s preventative measures like this which will really keep your patio furniture around for years to come. But if the worst happens and your furniture does break, wrought iron is easily fixable, meaning you won’t have to buy a replacement.


So why is wrought iron still in style after hundreds of years? Because its appearance fits in with any patio design, it’s comfortable, and it’s built to last for a lifetime if taken care of properly. Due to the variety of designs and colors available, wrought iron furniture blends perfectly into whatever setting it’s placed in. Colored cushions can also help tie the furniture into the established color scheme of your patio while adding some extra comfort. And because of its durable material and rust proof finish, it requires very little effort to maintain, saving you money in the long run.

The Southern Company

Even when maintained properly there may come a time when your wrought iron patio furniture needs to be repaired. Whether some rust has formed in a place you hadn’t noticed and weakened the frame over time. or a single accident caused damage, The Southern Company is here to help. Our experts have the knowledge and experience needed to remove rust and repair furniture that’s been weakened or damaged. Contact us today if your wrought iron patio furniture is in need of repair and we’ll bring it back to peak condition.