Pool Safety Tips from a Pool Furniture Repair Company

Spring is in full swing and with that comes increasingly warmer weather. As the weather turns from warm to hot and Spring flows into summer, many families and individuals will be heading to local pools, swim clubs, or even to their own backyard to enjoy the sun and warmth poolside. As we move forward towards pool season, now is a good time to review pool safety tips from a patio furniture sling repair company. When it comes to pool safety, chances are there are many hazards, both poolside and the surrounding areas that many people won’t think about. If you are visiting a public pool, the first thing you want to be sure of, is whether or not the facility… Read more

Brown Jordan Wins Best Patio Furniture in’s 2012 Readers Choice Awards

When you talk about quality, top-notch outdoor furniture,’s Pool and Patio readers have spoken. And for the second year in a row, they have voted Brown Jordan as the 2012 winner for Best Patio Furniture. This was the second consecutive year that Brown Jordan has won the Readers’ Choice Award contest for Best Patio Furniture. According to, Best Patio Furniture honors the year’s top outdoor furniture brands and manufacturers. They asked the voters to go beyond looks or familiar brand names when making a decision. Their list of patio and outdoor furniture brands and manufacturers includes descriptions and websites to learn more about the casual living products out there. One of the things that sets Brown Jordan apart… Read more

5 Ideas to Give Your Patio a Facelift

replacement slings for patio furniture

Are you lucky enough to have a patio at your home? If you are one of the lucky homeowners or renters with a patio, with the approaching warmer temperatures, you’re probably looking to spend more and more time outside. Spring into warmer temperatures and give your patio a complete facelift for the upcoming season. Just freshening up your spring décor will give your patio a new feeling entirely – you’ll be able to enjoy the outdoors fully. How exactly you transform your patio is dependent on your own unique style and tastes. However, giving your patio a new look doesn’t have to be expensive; in fact, it can be quite the opposite. Redesigning your patio with simple accessories can be… Read more

Why Choose Powder Coating Over Other Paint Techniques

lawn chair repair powder coating

The Durability of Powder Coating in Lawn Chair Repair When your lawn furniture isn’t looking its best and you need lawn chair repair, it’s important to research the various paint techniques available. There are significant advantages to utilizing powder coating as opposed to other paint techniques for your lawn chair repair. Although lawn furniture is meant for the outdoors, Mother Nature affects everything it comes into contact with over time. By selecting a cheaper finish, you are exposing your furniture to wear from the elements at a faster rate. Powder coating has several advantages over other methods. When a powder coated finish is applied in lawn chair repair, it provides your outdoor furniture with a finish that’s resistant to corrosion,… Read more

Refinish Patio Furniture to Help Save the Environment

Professional Tropitone Patio Furniture Repair

Go green! In today’s day and age, being eco-friendly is becoming more and more important to many people, as well as businesses. Many are looking for different ways they can be green, such as recycling whenever possible, using more eco-friendly products, and looking for ways to re-use or recycle items instead of throwing them away and buying new. One such area that allows folks to be eco-friendly is choosing to refinish patio furniture. How does choosing to refinish patio furniture allow you to be eco-friendly and do your part in conserving the environment? Let’s take a look. Reduces Resources for Production Let’s face facts: manufacturing furniture consumes a number of resources, including energy used to run the plant and machinery,… Read more

Tropitone Sling Pool Furniture Repair

sling chair fabric replacement & restoration

Does your Tropitone sling pool furniture require a repair? At the Southern Company, we’re your go-to experts for commercial and residential Tropitone sling pool furniture repair. We’re confident in our ability to transform your weather worn and damaged outdoor furniture into nearly-new condition. After all, Tropitone furniture is an investment, so if a strap or a sling can be fixed with a repair, why not extend the life of your furniture? When you purchased your Tropitone pool furniture, you more than likely purchased it with the intentions of longevity in mind – after all, this is well-crafted outdoor furniture designed for years of use. Nothing is more enjoyable than sitting outside on a lovely spring or summer afternoon on a… Read more

Patio Furniture Sling Replacement: Affordable Option for Country Clubs

Patio Furniture Sling Replacement Country Clubs

Stop right there! Don’t toss that old patio furniture into the trash! Over time, patio furniture, like most other products, will see wear and tear. But just because your country club’s patio furniture is beginning to show signs of age, doesn’t mean it’s time for you to pitch them into the garbage and buy all new furniture. You have options! Patio furniture sling replacement is an ideal and affordable option for country clubs when it comes to giving their patio furniture a fresh look. Almost all high-end outdoor sling furniture will easily double its serviceable life by a makeover with new slings. The Southern Company does it every day with manufacturers such as Winston, Brown Jordan, Tropitone, Woodard, Molla, Agio,… Read more

Making the Most of Your Outdoor Living Space: Patio Furniture Repair & Other Ideas

Having an enjoyable, functional, outdoor living space can make your home even more enjoyable. Whether you are looking to create your own personal oasis, an outdoor living room, or the ultimate grilling space, there are many ways you can go about designing your patio, deck, or backyard that will allow you to make the most of your outdoor space. One thing you’re going to want to be sure to include in your outdoor space, no matter what design you go with, is good, quality outdoor furniture that will last. The furniture pieces will last even longer if you practice good maintenance, as well as use a professional patio furniture repair and patio chair sling replacement company. Create an Outdoor Living… Read more

Outdoor Furniture Repair Company Offers Tips to Decorate Public Space

Everyone wants to be comfortable, whether they’re kicking back to watch a game, enjoying a meal, or lounging around outdoors. Maybe the outdoor area of your country club or condo complex isn’t as inviting as you’d like it to be, or perhaps it could use a bit of work. Sprucing up an outdoor space could be as simple as planting a couple of vibrant flowerbeds and investing in outdoor furniture repair. No matter the size of the space, there are tips, tricks, and ideas that can help you to decorate and create an inviting, relaxing area. Bring the indoors out. Try extending the interior of your club outside. Let your outdoor area echo the same easy comforts that are felt… Read more

The Best Type of Outdoor Furniture for Different Weather

Wrought Iron Patio Furniture

Accentuating your yard or patio with new furniture is an exciting event to look forward to in the warmer months. Selecting the right patio furniture for your outdoor oasis, however, is more complicated than one may think. After all, there are many materials, designs, and brands from which to choose, as well as taking your climate into consideration. Each option for outdoor furniture has its own benefits. It’s important to learn about the materials, in order to prolong outdoor furniture repair Here are a few of The Southern Company’s preferred types of outdoor furniture, which withstand rain, wind, heat, and sun over a long period of time. Wrought Iron Outdoor Furniture These pieces add a certain beauty and elegance to… Read more