Let the Experts Tackle Sling Replacement of Your Patio Furniture

do it yourself mesh sling replacementPatio furniture made using a mesh sling has been popular for years. Its linear, elegant look integrates seamlessly into several different types of decor, from modern to traditional. Not only is it comfortable, lightweight and easy to maintain, it can be significantly more affordable than other types of patio furniture such as wood or wrought iron. Eventually you will need to think about sling replacement for these beautiful chairs.

While sling patio furniture is quite durable, the sling itself typically lasts about 10 years.  After all those years of use and exposure to the sun, it may become brittle and tear, or become loose or discolored. When this happens you have two options: purchase new patio furniture or repair the sling furniture you already have.

Repairing your furniture by reslinging it will cost just a fraction of the price of purchasing new patio furniture. While performing a sling replacement yourself may seem like an attractive option, if your goal is for your furniture to look new again and last for years, the process is not as easy as it may appear to be. Now the question is…do I resling it myself, or do I let the experts handle the job?

DIY Sling Replacement Has Its Challenges

It is pretty easy to find a replacement sling – many companies make slings that you can purchase online and install yourself. Another do-it-yourself option is to purchase the fabric and actually create the sling yourself, then add it to the frame. While this may seem like an easy and even fun project for a weekend warrior, you may find it a bit more complicated then you thought.

First, even if the frame is in good shape, you may need to refinish it to give it a makeover to match the new sling. Otherwise, you will end up with a chair that has a beautiful new sling, but a frame that looks old and worn. Before you add a new finish, you must remove the old finish without damaging the frame. This can be a tricky process. In addition, if you do not use the proper materials to finish the frame, the finish may easily chip.

experts mesh sling replacementWhen you order your sling replacement, it is critical that you take accurate measurements of your frame so that the new sling is cut to fit it perfectly. You can’t simply measure the old sling since it will have stretched over time and the measurements won’t be accurate. If the sling isn’t the exact size that it needs to be – almost down to the millimeter – it will not fit on the frame properly and your chair will not be comfortable.

Be aware that the materials provided by companies that make replacement slings may not be as durable as they should be. In order to get years of use out of your repaired sling furniture, the materials must be able to stand up against rain, snow, and heat as well as cleaning chemicals. Even the thread used to sew the seams must be stronger than thread commonly used to sew textiles.

Lastly, the most challenging part of sling replacement is making sure you pull it taut enough so that it will withstand a great deal of pressure. This will take a decent amount of strength as well as an understanding as to just how taut the sling needs to be. It is difficult to do this step correctly without experience and the right amount of muscle!

If you are unable to repair and resling your patio furniture with skill, you may find that your repaired furniture does not have that “like new” look, and that it will soon need to be repaired again. At this point you will have wasted your valuable time and money.

Let the Experts Handle Your Mesh Sling Replacement

An excellent alternative to sling replacement on your patio furniture yourself is to have a patio furniture repair company do it for you. Expert repair of mesh sling furniture is a complicated process that involves skilled craftspeople using special equipment to ensure that your furniture will endure several more years of use. The Southern Company has been in the patio furniture repair business for over 30 years and has developed a painstaking process that will ensure your furniture will look and feel like it is brand new.Patio Chair Sling Replacement

  • Sandblasting and Painting – The first step is to remove the old, damaged mesh. Next, a skilled worker will sandblast the frame using a special aluminum oxide grit that will remove the old paint without damaging the frame. This ensures that the new coating will have a smooth finish. The painter will then apply a powder coat finish to the frame that is electrostatically charged, which will help it stick. The frame is then cured in a 400 degree oven and the result is a finish that is resistant to chipping.
  • Adding the Sling – Once the frame has been refinished, the new mesh sling is applied. The Southern Company offers a variety of fabrics for your new slings so that you will be able to find a fabric that is similar to the sling you are replacing, or choose something brand new so that your patio furniture has a completely fresh look. Take a look at the over 125 styles of fabric that are available.Patio Furniture Sling Replacement
  • Gore Tenara Thread – Understanding that the sling must be durable enough to withstand a great deal of pressure, The Southern Company uses only top quality, strong materials such as Gore Tenara thread when fabricating new mesh slings. Gore Tenara is impervious to sun, rain, snow, salt and cleaning chemicals.
  • Tautness – In order for the sling to be durable, it also must be pulled taut when fitted onto the frame. Knowing the amount of pressure needed to correctly install the sling requires both skill, experience and the proper tools.
  • Experienced, Talented Craftsmen – You cannot overlook the skill of the craftsmen involved in reslinging. For each step there is a person who is experienced in that particular craft of the process. For example, while it may be one person’s job to sandblast the frame, it is another person’s job to install the sling. This type of specialization ensures that each step is completed by someone with a great deal of talent, knowledge and experience.

To get a better understanding of the Southern Company’s reslinging process, take a look at this video:


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