Unique Patio Furniture Pieces from Brown Jordan, Tropitone, Winston and Woodard

aluminum cabana outdoor space

Elegant Tropitone Cabana

With spring only a few months away, many of us are beginning to think about how we can add something unique to our outdoor spaces.

If you already have a basic patio furniture setup that includes a table and chairs and maybe a chaise lounge or two, you may not have considered that there are many other options that will allow you to get even more out of your patio, pool, or terrace.

Brands like Brown Jordan, Tropitone, Winston, and Woodard have some excellent additions for your patio furniture set that will add a personal feel and make your house the place to be for outdoor parties during those mild weather months.

Brown Jordan and Tropitone Offer Unique Patio Furniture

Many people think of the basics when it comes to buying outdoor furniture – a table, an umbrella, and maybe six to eight chairs. Once they have these items, they may never consider buying outdoor furniture again.

But when you see what you are missing, you may find it hard to narrow down the secondary pieces that can really add drama and functionality to your back yard or terrace. Almost any outdoor space can benefit from one or more additional relaxation spaces away from the main dining area for quiet reading or socializing.

As usual, Brown Jordan is a winner when it comes to selection. Their Campaign Grande collection includes the Adjustable Double Chaise, featuring a canopy frame and optional curtains, which sets the gold standard for outdoor lounging. This piece can be customized with a seemingly endless choice of Sunbrella fabrics that can be updated whenever you are ready for a new look.

umbrella shade sun

Stay Cool in the Sun with the Brown Jordan Sun Wing

For a smaller space, you could choose one or two lounge chairs paired with one of Brown Jordan’s elegant freestanding umbrellas, which come in an array of shapes and colors. If you really like gadgets, you could also opt for their Sun Wing, which performs the function of an umbrella but gives you more flexibility with positioning – and looks very cool to boot.

To create a truly luxurious outdoor setting, check out Tropitone’s line of cabanas. These can also be customized with a dizzying array of colorful and patterned fabrics and offer options such as a TV mount, a ceiling fan mount, and directional down lights. You are about to have the sweetest poolside setting in the neighborhood!

Fire Pits and Tables for Your Outdoor Space

Winston, Tropitone, Brown Jordan, and Woodard all offer fire pits that you will want to use well into the fall and winter months. Fire pits can also be used to add dramatic flair to outdoor hot tubs, which are also often used in the cooler months.

Winston offers two different types of fire pits: one circular and one square. These come with a copper fire bowl and eleven frame finishes to choose from, all of which can be refinished when necessary after a few seasons’ worth of wear.

Tropitone makes square and circular fire pits with an impressive array of customizations, including elegant flame guards and colorful glass fire pebbles.

The sleekest and most modern selection comes from Brown Jordan Fires, which offers bowl and angular shaped fire pits with lava rock inserts and rustic modern finishes. You can choose from the following fuel systems – bioethanol, natural gas, or propane burners.

square fire pit

Chic Woodard Fire Table

Woodard manufactures a surprisingly extensive range of what they call “fire tables,” which are dining tables that have a burner in a square or circular cutout in the middle of the table. The burners are designed to be covered with a choice of beautifully colored pebbles to create a warming effect for meals and lounging. The tables come in an array of colors, sizes, and finishes. And there are just as many choices for burner covers – with finishes that are made to resemble metallic lattice, woven wicker, and wood – which can be placed over the burners when you are not enjoying the fire pit. Fire tables are a unique option and create a subtle yet stunning effect.

Entertaining with Your New Outdoor Bar

An outdoor bar is an excellent way to ensure that your place is always the destination of choice for the best summer parties. And to accompany your bar, the premium outdoor furniture companies have the most stylish bar chairs and stools so that you and your guests can sip in style.

Both Tropitone and Winston make an array of stationary and swivel bar chairs that will make you look like a pro.

Brown Jordan Custom Outdoor Kitchens

cooking bbq outdoor kitchen

Brown Jordan Outdoor Kitchen

For the ultimate outdoor cooking experience, Brown Jordan’s custom outdoor kitchens can help you build your dream outdoor setting. Can you imagine creating a unique outdoor kitchen complete with a wood-fired pizza oven or smoker grill? How about a glass door refreshment center to showcase mineral water or the homebrew you’re going to proudly serve to your guests? There is even a choice of bartending stations for those who want to show off their well-honed cocktail-making skills.

Refurbishing Your Older Patio Furniture

If you are adding one of the incredible new pieces above to your outdoor living space, don’t leave your original patio furniture out in the cold. Remember that The Southern Company can refurbish any of your existing patio furniture in need of a little updating or repair.

Investing in a specialty piece from a brand such as Brown Jordan or Tropitone truly is a lifetime investment. So when you’re deciding how to expand your outdoor space for the upcoming season, keep in mind how much enjoyment you will be adding for you and your family and friends when you purchase a cabana, fire pit, outdoor bar or kitchen. And while you’re choosing these unique patio furniture additions to your outdoor space, make sure to let us know which pieces of your existing furniture need some attention. We will make them look as good as new!