Patio Chair Webbing Replacement by the Experts

Brown Jordan patio chair webbing replacementIt’s summertime again, and that means family and friends will be spending more time with you outside, where your patio furniture should be the star of the show! But even the highest quality outdoor furniture will eventually begin to show signs of wear. If you own webbed or strapped patio furniture, the good news is that patio chair webbing replacement is an option. Replacing the vinyl straps allows you to keep your favorite patio furniture by refurbishing it with afresh, new look.

Is Your Patio Furniture Webbing Worn Out?

It’s just a fact of life that all things eventually wear out, and this includes the webbing and straps of your outdoor furniture. You might have noticed that your patio chairs don’t provide the support they once did. Maybe the colors have begun to fade from exposure to the sun or are becoming discolored. The straps may have started to loosen.

Although the straps may be worn, the frames might not need much work — especially when you’ve made an investment in premium outdoor furniture. The good news is that there’s no need to replace the furniture, since the straps can be replaced and the frames repaired. This gives you the option to create an entirely new look with strap and frame colors.

Patio Chair Webbing Replacement Process

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The first step in the patio chair webbing replacement process is to have your furniture picked up or delivered to The Southern Company. Once we have observed your individual pieces, we will recommend the work that should be done to bring them back to their original beauty.

We will determine the type and size of the vinyl webbing. Each manufacturer uses slightly different specs. Some brands, such as Tropitone or Brown Jordan, use a continuous weave of either 5/8” or 1” lacing for the webbing. Brown Jordan also uses 2” straps and other furniture lines may use individual vinyl straps with a width of 2” or 1 ½”.

The next step involves removing the rivets that hold the existing straps in place and creating the new straps, which must be carefully measured and cut to size. Holes will need to be drilled into the ends of the straps at precise positions. Once the new straps are ready, it’s time to install them to the frame.

Installing the straps is a tricky process because they must be at a proper level of tension, and that tension must hold up even when the hot sun is beaming down on your furniture – with you in it. The webbing must be attached in a symmetrical, repeating pattern. Some chairs have a simple pattern of single straps, while others have a more complex basket-weave pattern where a minor flaw in the installation process can throw off the entire design.

Benefits of Professional Patio Chair Webbing Replacement

hotroom for patio chair webbing replacementThe fact is, there are only a handful of artisans in this country with the skill and experience to perform quality patio chair webbing replacement. This process is best performed in what is called a “hotroom” and requires precise work and patience. A hotroom has a temperature of at least 95°F to ensure that your straps will not suddenly loosen and begin to sag once they are exposed to steamy summer temperatures.

Imagine the horror of sitting down in your newly restored furniture, only to realize that after an hour or so in the summer heat, the webbing has begun to sag. This is something that you simply can’t prevent if you attempt to perform the restoration on your own. Without the skills of a professional and the use of a hotroom, you run the risk of sagging, misshapen straps and webbing, as well as wasted time and money. That’s one of the reasons why professional webbing restoration is preferred over a DIY approach.

professional patio furniture repair companyThere’s another reason to use experienced professionals. A reputable outdoor furniture restoration company will carefully evaluate the entire piece of furniture before beginning the webbing replacement process. This includes examining the frame for loose rivets, damaged welds, or similar issues. These issues will be addressed during the restoration process, and significantly add to the useful life of the furniture that you may be expecting to last several decades or more. Very few individuals have the skills, equipment, and necessary parts to accomplish these types of repairs at home.

In addition, by taking your furniture to a professional, you can update the finish on the framing to a fresh color, perhaps to match the new webbing. Achieving the perfect finish requires that the frame be sandblasted down to the bare metal and repairs made at that point. Next a long-lasting powder coat is applied and cured. Again, this is something that can’t be accomplished in a weekend DIY project. Refinishing the frames the right way adds to the beauty of your furniture and extends its life.

Let The Southern Company Tackle Your Patio Chair Webbing Replacement

At The Southern Company, we are proud that our skilled artisans have a combined 45 years of experience in patio chair webbing replacement. Not only do they have the necessary skills, but they also have the artistic talent and dedication to quality to ensure that webbed furniture is restored to its original beauty. We can perform any needed repairs to all of the premium outdoor furniture brands, including Tropitone, Woodard, Brown Jordan, and Winston. Call today and let us help you breathe new life into the outdoor furniture you love!