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Replacing Your Mesh Slings? Choose a Fabric That Will Stand the Test of Time

fabric choices for mesh sling furniture

Even the best quality patio furniture breaks down over time. The effects of the sun, weather, chlorine, sunscreen, and everyday use mean that your mesh slings will eventually need to be replaced. You should expect that your mesh slings will last eight to ten years before they need replacement, but variables like the amount of use they get and their winter storage location will have an effect. Maybe you’re starting to notice that your slings are becoming faded or discolored, or maybe the fabric is starting to fray. The Southern Company can replace your slings with the most durable and cost effective options so you can get the most out of your patio furniture. We have an exciting range of… Read more

Gore Tenara Thread – What We Use for Your Peace of Mind

It’s a lovely day and you have friends coming round. The grass is cut, borders brimming with beautiful plants and the barbecue is clean and ready. But what about your garden furniture? Sure, the chairs can be wiped over. But what are you going to do about the fact the thread holding the mesh slings is in poor condition and looks like it will break when people sit down? Investing in craftsmanship that will ensure your furniture is not beaten by the elements will save you worry every time someone sits down on your furniture. How To Beat Mother Nature Most normal threads will fray and discolor. This natural weakening over the years will eventually leave you with beautiful garden… Read more