The Best Patio Furniture Brands for Country Clubs

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Investing in outdoor furniture for a country club, hotel, or condominium complex can be a significant expense. But, as with anything, you get what you pay for. If you are considering purchasing new patio furniture that will be used by the public, or if your venue’s current furniture needs repair or sprucing up, make sure to read this article and go with one of the best patio furniture brands available!

The Best of the Best Patio Furniture

Top-of-the-line brands such as Brown Jordan, Tropitone, Winston, and Woodard provide superior comfort and design, which is important for creating a welcoming and relaxing environment at your outdoor venue. Each company offers a wide array of design options that make your guests’ comfort and enjoyment a priority. These companies offer multiple furniture collections and dozens or even hundreds of fabric options, making them totally customizable for the needs of your outdoor space.

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Elegant Tropitone Patio Furniture (image courtesy of

The reasons that these brands are used so widely in private homes are some of the same reasons they are also used by hotels, condominiums, country clubs, and resorts. Quality, ease of care, and cutting-edge design are even more important when you’re taking care of discerning guests who expect the best.

And, of course, a huge advantage to investing in these superior patio furniture brands is that they can literally last for generations due to the fact that they can be completely rehabbed when they become worn and made to look like new each time.

The Best Patio Furniture Is Built to Withstand Abuse

Premium outdoor furniture brands are built to last, which is vitally important for furniture that will be used in a commercial setting.

Let’s face it: when people are on vacation or using a shared pool, they will probably be more relaxed about the way they treat their surroundings than they would be at home. It is common to eat greasy foods and drink sticky cocktails at a communal pool. Many people spend hours just lounging on chairs and chaises, which inevitably get covered in sunscreen and other products.

If your venue is near the beach, sand and dirt will take their toll when guests return for a dip in the pool. Country club and hotel furniture is in continuous use and must be engineered to stand up to abuse, unobstructed direct sunlight, and dirt and grime.

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The top brands such as Tropitone, Brown Jordan, Woodard, and Winston use the very best materials and construction to ensure a long life for their products, and each company has proprietary processes to create the best product possible. For instance, Winston uses a special method of removing bubbles from its aluminum frames that can cause weaknesses and a shorter lifespan in cheaper brands. They also offer a professional, multi-step finishing process to create an extra durable surface, which is a very attractive option to country clubs and other commercial venues.

All of the best patio furniture brands offer special fabrics that are highly resistant to UV damage, soil, and abrasion. Brown Jordan carries a proprietary Sunbrella fabric called Versatex Mesh that is designed for heavy use. Tropitone offers Sunbrella’s Marine Grade fabrics, which are highly resistant to the elements, and some of its other fabrics are actually flame resistant as well as UV resistant. Winston carries many durable fabrics as well, and its vinyl straps are specially designed to contain mildew and UV inhibitors. There is no question that investing in these durable fabrics saves money for hotels and country clubs in the long run.

Ease of Cleaning

Saving time is of the utmost importance for hotels, country clubs, and other outdoor venues that have a constant influx of new guests. These venues clean their furniture on a daily basis to keep them at their best and looking new and appealing.

The good news is that the premium brands of furniture are particularly easy to clean and come up looking much better than their less expensive counterparts if they are cleaned regularly.

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You should never use bleach or harsh cleaners on premium furniture. All of the major brands recommend simply washing cushions with a solution of lukewarm water and mild soap. This solution should be wiped or brushed on with a sponge or soft brush and then rinsed with a hose. Finally, furniture pieces should be positioned so that air can circulate and they can dry as quickly as possible. Some fabrics may be treated with mildew remover when necessary, but proper care should mostly eliminate the growth of mildew in the first place.

Vinyl straps will benefit from being treated with a vinyl protectant several times per year. This is especially important in areas that are exposed to salt air or chlorinated water.

Why Hotels and Country Clubs Choose the Southern Company

The Southern Company has been repairing and restoring premium outdoor furniture for over twenty years. Some of our processes are performed by only a handful of artisan experts in the country. We work quickly and accurately, because patio furniture restoration is all we do.

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When you bring your furniture to The Southern Company for updating and repair, we conduct a thorough examination of each piece and repair any existing frame damage before we begin. Depending on the materials and your needs, we are able to do sandblasting, powder coating, and repainting of the frames in order to create the most durable refinishing available. We have hundreds of options for sling and strap replacement, and our experts are on hand to help you design an updated look for your venue.

One of the most important reasons to choose one of the best patio furniture brands is that it can be restored to its original condition — it can look brand new for only a fraction of the original cost.

We always advise commercial venues to make their outdoor furniture purchase an investment, and with the Southern Company’s convenient location, we are able to provide expert service to clients all over the northeast. Call us today to find out how we can get your outdoor furniture looking brand new again!