Repair Commercial Pool Furniture Quickly and Efficiently

There are many things that can damage pool-side furniture. From sun damage to pool chemicals and even normal abuse from visitors, pool furniture really takes a beating during its normal life. However, pool furniture can also be very expensive to replace, making it a long-term investment for many homeowners and public pool operators as well. Luckily, it’s usually pretty easy to repair commercial pool furniture, with a few simple steps being taken to return the furniture to good-as-new status:

Brown Jordan RestrappingRe/Strapping can be used when the frame of commercial pool furniture is still intact. This means that the frame is still structurally sound, and also that the existing paint is in good shape. Generally speaking, this applies to most commercial pool furniture, as the straps are the most-often damaged aspect of this type.

In some cases, however, the existing paint or finish has been damaged due to the weather or other external causes, and thus needs extra care to be returned to a useable state. In these cases, a full restoration can be undertaken that involves sandblasting, powdercoating and restrapping.

Frame inspection which checks for broken welds, bends, and other types of physical damage. When the frame of poolside furniture has been damaged, it can be unsafe for use and thus careful inspection is necessary. In most cases, however, the frame can be easily readjusted, repaired, and refinished.

Sandblasting and powder coating is used when the frame has been refinished. This process removes all of the outer paint coat and also removes rust which may have accumulated on the surface. Once the sandblasting is complete, the frame will be completely clean and ready for painting. Next, a powder coat is applied and cured. Once cured, powder coat paint is weather and chemical resistant, and will greatly increase the useable lifespan of your commercial pool furniture.

With nearly 80 years of staff experience, and with a staff that repairs and restores all major outdoor furniture brands, our professional restoration team works hard to ensure that your poolside furniture is completely restored and that it will last for many years to come. For more information on poolside furniture restoration, or to get some tips on repairing commercial pool furniture, give us a call today at 1-800-622-1901 to schedule a pickup and delivery time anywhere along the East coast.