Patio Tables Refnishing Services

Patio Table Top Replacement

A shattered or cracked patio table top can be a patio furniture owner’s worst nightmare, especially if the rest of the set is in perfect condition.

It is possible to replace the top and continue using your patio table for years to come. The Southern Company can replace both glass and acrylic table tops.

  • Acrylic Table Tops After precise measurements are taken, we cut and install a new piece of acrylic on-site in our 44,000 square foot warehouse.
  • Glass Table Tops Measurements are sent to a manufacturer to produce the new table top according to the strict specifications for tempered glass, also known as safety glass.

We only use tempered glass when we replace a glass patio table top. Tempered glass is manufactured to increase its strength compared with normal glass. Tempered glass is made according to strict specifications and is a safety glass used when standard glass could cause a potential danger. It’s four to five times stronger than standard glass and shatters into small oval-shaped pebbles when broken, eliminating the hazard of sharp jagged edges.

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